Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Other (Cat) Woman

(Letter written by Dakota Furby Cronin, the Cronin Family's affectionate and needy cat, to his darling Amanda Cronin, while at sleep-away camp.  Note that "one-legged version" - or, "The Other Cat Woman -  is Audrey Mann Cronin, who is currently sporting a pink cast after surgery on her achilles tendon.  "Red-headed person" is Audrey's mom who is taking care of said "one-legged version," and "big guy" is Rob Cronin, father of Amanda Cronin.)

July 31, 2013

Meow Amanda,

Meow miss you!  Are you an outdoor cat for the summer?

Alas, I remain an indoor cat, much as I meow my head off and paw at the front and back door begging to be let out for a scratch on the cement, a roll in the grass, a bite of a lush green leaf or weed.

I have found comfort in a taller, less playful, one-legged version of you.  We snuggle a lot during the day, and at night we spoon and I drape myself all over her like a scarf.  She doesn’t seem to mind and I am often rewarded with a good scratch around the ears.  You know how I love that!  Here we are in a few photos of us.   I hope you are not envious and I promise that I will be all yours when you return.

Here is the big news!  There is someone sleeping in your bed!  I have tried to see what goes on in there at night, but she locks the door, and I can’t muscle or sneak my way in.  Last night, however, she got up to go to the bathroom and I was able to push open the bathroom door to see what she was up to.  She screamed from her seat and I ran, like all smart cats would do!

This new, red-headed person confuses me greatly.  Although she gives me water in the mornings and talks to me gently all day, she doesn’t ever seem to want to snuggle – or even pet me.  I have tried…believe me!  A couple of times, I have walked under her legs while she is seated on the sofa, tickling her with my fluffy tail.  “Out!” she yells!  And, when I have tried to jump up on her lap, she screams!  I am determined though to keep trying.  That big guy in the house keeps telling me that she will come around eventually.  I hope he is right.

Speaking of the big guy…he and I have also shared many tender moments together.  He gives the best scratches and as you know, likes to wrestle!  We spend most of our time together late at night and on the weekends.

So, where are you?  Are there other cats where you are?  We love your letters but they say nothing about the variety and flavor of the grasses, the best scratching spots, the most cozy corners for a nap in the sun.  If you find all of this pleasing, can you take me with you next summer?

Meow miss you and love you!

Dakota (aka Kody-Cat, Kota, Daka Cracker, Senior, etc.)

Ps. The taller version of you sends her love!  She really is awfully nice and misses you a lot!